Email Marketing Service

In a world of highly competitive marketplace, it becomes hard to get noticed by your customers. With your competition also providing same or similar products & services, it is never easy to market your products & services.

The best solution is email marketing. Optimus Technology has specially designed software and solutions to help you boost up in your online marketing campaign through emails. Our email marketing solutions are dedicated in promoting your brand across targeted leads for higher conversions on your online stores.

Why Optimus Technology for your email marketing solutions?

If you are an entrepreneur and have been fed up with the high costs and time consumed by direct mailing such as brochures and flyers, you would notice a remarkable difference when you switch to email marketing. Not only Optimus Technology’s email marketing services are one of the leading in India, but they also provide you with economical rates so that you don’t have to break the bank. Here are some of the reasons why we are better than the rest:.

  • Our email marketing services allow you to create beautiful, appealing and qualitative emails to send directly to your clients. We help you in composing emails in such a way to leverage your brand presence through social media marketing.
  • We report you on how successful your campaign has been.You would get reports tailored to your specifications on what campaigns have been successful and what could have been done to improve. Boost your business online by sending mass emails to targeted people in your mailing lists and in generating sales.
  • We provide you with a unique set of tools and solutions. Manage contact sand create attractive email campaigns through our built-in and easy to use customizable templates. We have tools that allow you to upload emails instantly and making them your contacts.
  • We save you through all the hassles of paper, labels, ink and postage. Our email marketing service is quick, easy and so user-friendly that you would simply love it. You can now do more in less, for example, add a social media sharing bar, upload multimedia content such as videos & images, and change how your text message appears. If there is any mistake, you can always go back and re-adjust the design before hitting the Send button.
  • Campaign Creation & reporting – We provide all of the tools you need to create and measure the success of your campaigns. Create newsletters, surveys, or just send email messages, we have all that you need to improve your business productivity.
  • We are just at an arm’s distance – Our friendly custom support services are just at an arm’s distance away from you. We would love to know and hear what you have to say about our services and how we would improve them.

Get a free quote now so that we can help you in promoting your online business. Optimus Technology specializes in email marketing to give boost to your business and brand identity.