Local SEO Services

Local SEO services from Optimus Technology helps in growing small businesses by targeting to potential customers in their targeted locations. Local SEO is the process of optimizing your website for targeted locations nearby your business.

While many businesses want to rank internationally, a small plumber, electrician or a barber may not want to target a customer out of the city. You may have a small boutique in New York City and may not want to target customers from San Francisco.

Businesses offering products, and services to limited area, perhaps a city, town or a state do not have a huge budget for international SEO. Moreover, customers outside their targeted location are also not relevant to them. Advertising to target audience that can physically not reach your business location is a big waste of money. It is important for small businesses to get prominent within their targeted locations.

Local SEO services provided by Optimus Technology help you in getting your site ranked for local searches so that more and more targeted clients visit your business premises and website and buy your products/services.

Why Optimus Technology for Local SEO?

We design and develop affordable local seo services for each of our client’s websites. Since we are based in India, which is a huge market for businesses, we have helped several businesses in optimizing their presence for local target market.

For us, every website is different. From services to design and requirements of our clients, every website is a unique and different case for us. However, we do have a process that we follow at Optimus Technology. Our SEO experts know very well what they are doing and here is how we offer our services to clients:

Local Map Submissions

You give us your Name, Address and Phone number and we submit that to Maps on Google and Yahoo. Bing and Yahoo have merged and hence submitting your map on Yahoo would automatically show up on Bing. When anyone in your area searches for a keyword relevant to your business, you have high chances of showing up on map that clearly pinpoints your business location.

Keyword Research

We conduct keyword research and find out the most important keywords with high searches relevant to your business, in your area. We are not interested in finding out the keywords searched in the US, the world over, or even your country, but what exactly the limited area or town in which people search for.

On-Page optimization

We perform on page optimization for all of your pages with keywords relevant to your business.

Link Building

We build quality links to your website from important sources that can help you in getting higher rankings for important keywords.

Optimus Technology is a premium local seo marketing company that has helped several businesses in reaching potential customers from their targeted locations. Request for a free quote for your local business SEO and improve your search engine rankings.