Optimus Technology believe in working with our clients by reflecting honesty, and dedication in any project that comes to us. Our methodology is simple, straightforward and completely transparent. This is where we never compromise and hence are successful in every project that we do.

Unless the rest of the competition that tries to beat around the bushes by offering expensive solutions that are non-custom, we provide custom solutions that are in line with your needs, budgets and preferences. For every project whether be it designing, development or internet marketing, our methodology has remained unanimous throughout and never changed. Here is how we work:

The most critical part of any successful project is to know what is required in return. If we don’t know what our clients demand, we won’t be able to satisfy their needs and complete the projects. Hence, we first listen and understand your requirements for the type of project that you want to get done from us

Based upon your requirements, our think tanks sit together and brain storm for the best possible ideas, methods and prices and come up with feasibility plan to get the work done. We then revert back to you and send you quote along with the feasibility plan.

You get the plan, review it and then send back to us either with an approval or further discussion points regarding anything from price to deadlines and the project completion methodology. This helps us in knowing that the client and we are both on the same page.

Once the revision is completed with the mutual discussion with the client, the plan then gets approved by us and the client and an NDA contract is signed. We sign an NDA contract to make sure that all end-material we provide to our client’s isn’t the intellectual property of Optimus Technology anymore once the complete payment is made. The plan approval also consists of the terms and conditions of pricing. We have a standard policy of 50% in advance and 50% after 50% project completion.

After the approval of plan, the work starts on the project and up till the completion date, we get regularly in touch with clients and state the status of the project. This ensures peace of mind on part of the client as well as us.

Once the delivery is made upon the deadline, we receive the remaining payment and handle over the complete copyrights to the client.

Our methodology is simple and works for all of the projects. We work in a very professional way that neither us nor the client have any objections in paying and getting the work done from us.