Pay Per Click Management Services

Optimus Technology provides professional PPC management services for easily managing the effectiveness & efficiencies of bids, media used, and the budget. Our services are unique in a way that we do not drain away the funds of our clients. Instead, we manage your PPC campaign in a professional way.

We offer the following set of PPC Management services:

  • Understanding each client’s needs and services
  • Reducing CPC
  • Increasing CTR
  • Shifting funds from high cost to more efficient keywords targeted to your business
  • Services involve details ad analysis

With each project that comes our way, we have a set of dedicated expertise that work based upon your requirements and budgets. Some of the expertise required in a professional PPC management campaign is:

  • PPC/SEM analysts
  • Copywriters
  • SEM trainers
  • Consultants

Our prices don’t cost you fortune, however we are not like the “cheap and highly affordable” PPC management companies out there. Our pricing structure is flexible based upon your project needs and requirements due to which you pay only for the services you need.

Why hire Optimus Technology for PPC management services?

Why hire Optimus Technology for PPC management services? We are a professional PPC management and internet marketing company having a comprehensive set of services at competitive prices. We understand each project is unique and hence make sure to increase the efficiency of every project by lowering down the Cost Per Clicks and increasing Click Through Rates by targeted visitors. The competitive advantage that you get with our PPC management services is budget maintenance while advertising on Google, Bing and other search engines.

Our Pay per click management process is not complex at all. We have certain rules defined from the start to the end of any project to make it a successful online advertising story. Here is how our ppc management process works:

  • Campaign strategies : After setting up the account, we shall define the ad campaign and strategies to advertise you online.
  • Professional Keyword research : This is the most important element of any PPC campaign. It doesn’t matter whether you hand us over existing or a new account, we always do our keyword research and find out the right set of keywords focused solely for your business. The right selection of keywords that are not only competitively priced but also targeted for your business are not going to cost you a fortune.
  • Creative strategy deployment : Our pay-per-click management services are creative in every aspect and unique for every client. We copywrite compelling content for your text ads to increase CTR by the targeted market.
  • SEO optimized landing pages : We then make compelling landing pages for your website for higher CTR and conversion ratios. All of these landing pages are SEO optimized for keywords and content related to your keywords.
  • PPC Management – We run the ads and manage the PPC campaign, and deliver SEO ranking reports to you on weekly basis so that you get to know the progress of your campaign.

What are you waiting for? Send us in your requirements and we shall discuss the project requirements with you and start with the PPC campaign.