Web Application Development

A web based application is nothing but an application that uses the browser as a client.

Development Methodologies

Waterfall development model and Rapid Application Development also known as RAD.

Portal Development

You can always contact us for any questions or queries that you may have with regards to portal development.

Development Process

We do a deep dive analysis on customer requirements and identify what they want to accomplish

Content Management

Hire us now and get a powerful content management system built for your business today.

Custom Web Content Management

Expertise across several Enterprise content management and Web content management

ECommerce Web Development

Get a free quote from Optimus Technology right now so that you can develop your own online brand.

Endless ECommerce Possibilities

Our eCommerce web development company doesn’t charge exorbitant prices for developing an online store.

Definition of Web Development:

Web Development means developing a web site for any purpose on the internet or even for an intranet. Web Development can be ranging from developing a static simple and single page of plain text to a very complex web based application, social networking services or electronic businesses. Web Development is a large industry and is commonly done in buying and selling businesses these days.

Why choose Optimus for Development:

Optimus Technology is the new gateway for Web Development in the industry. We also take care of web design, web development and web maintenance thus our customers getting all kind of services and solution at just one stop shop. For you to improve your business and get closer your businesses to the global range, we understand your business and take you to the next level in business.

Our expertise in web development:

  • Static web design
  • Dynamic web design
  • Customer web design
  • Personal web design
  • Professional web design
  • Flash web site design
  • Creative web site design
  • Blog design
  • Web development
  • Small scale business web site
  • Mobile web
  • E commerce Web site development

Our expert team:

  • Our team of experts does understand each category of business and thus, developing a web site is just not developing for them. There are various other aspects and components that are fed in while developing your web site.
  • We give you a corporate status as we use the next generation solutions to our clients.
  • We have our clients spread across the globe.
  • The reason for our success can be attributed to our team of experts, our business analyst, internet marketing experts, web developers, database management team and software developers.
  • Our extra mile of dedication in ensuring that we deliver the best service to our customers has ensured our success.

Web Development Technologies:

  • We are experts in hardcore ASP.NET, ASP, XHTML, HTML, CSS, PHP, Flash/XML etc.
  • Our experts can give you pleasing results which has been goal and help achieve the same
  • Our advanced core capabilities in custom web design can help you create a user friendly web development
  • Portals that we have developed using the above technology has proven to be search engine friendly
  • We can build cascading style sheets which can control how web pages should be displayed in the browser
  • We use JavaScript as it is light weight technology and can be used along with XHTML documents for interactive web sites
  • We use the latest technologies in order to develop an accessible W3C standard compliance web site
  • We use static graphic designing tools which are highly functional and appealing
  • Scripting and programming languages are used to be W3C compliant
  • Thus we ensure international standards are maintained while designing your web site

What can we promise you for partnering with us?

  • On time delivery without any delay as we understand the importance of time to your business
  • Customer’s comfort is our motto. Any changes or recommendations from our clients are definitely a welcome as it is your business and we know that you understand your business better. We are very flexible and try to accommodate customer requirements
  • Cost effective as we are very competitive in our pricing. As a client you would not feel the pinch for our service
  • We can work according to you budget without compromising on quality
  • All customer information is kept under confidence and hence you need not work about your brand information leaking out
  • Your business is kept in secured manner; not only that most importantly your customer information is collected or kept in the most secured manner and hence there is no way an external source can extract your customer information by any means as it is happening in many other sites in the net

For more details, you can always contact us and we would be glad to assist you with our services. We are sure and can assure you that our service will make you glad and make your believe that we can partner to build on your business.